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Learn how to wakesurf

Welcome to Project Wake!

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Project Wake specializes in wake-surfing instruction and coaching services. We offer our clients a valuable opportunity to try something new and exciting, or re-live a previous experience, and create memories

that will last a lifetime.

Why Wake Surfing?

Wake surfing has become very appealing, and continues to gain traction compared to other water sports. Why the increasing interest? 

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Slow Speeds

Wake surfing requires an average speed of 10 miles per hour compared to wakeboarding and waterskiing which require speeds ranging from 20-30 miles per hour


Relaxed Riding Style

Wake surfing is generally more mellow and accessible to all. We've taught clients ranging from 3 years old to over 60 years old. It is more forgiving than other watersports, allowing for longer rides and functional with back and joint issues

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Safe Practices

The safe design of the wake surf boat eliminates any risk of contact with the boat engine or propeller. Fall safely and softly into the water while striking a cool pose for the cameras and family paparazzi! 

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Versatile Conditions

Wake surfing works with most weather and water conditions compared to wakeboarding and waterskiing which typically require more glassy waters. A little chop is usually not a problem behind the wake boat

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Why Project Wake?

Locally known as the City of Lakes, Greater Sudbury is home to many water-sports enthusiasts. Growing up here, water-sports were just part of the culture. With this being said, our love and devotion to a way of life on water began at a very young age. Wake-surfing, a blend of wakeboarding and ocean surfing has been growing in popularity in Northern Ontario, which gave rise to our business idea.

At Project Wake, our mission is to share our passion and excitement of the sport with those around us and offer this incredible opportunity to those that do not have easy access to a boat specifically designed for wake-surfing. We aspire to share our adventure with you and form a wake-surfing community in Northern Ontario.


Let us help you make this summer the most memorable one yet!

Bronwyn & Alex

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Learn How To Wake Surf!

We invite students of all ages and skill levels. All necessary equipment is provided including lifejackets and surf boards of a wide range of sizes. 


Our Clients Say It Best

I had the best experience learning how to wake-surf with Bronwyn and Alex. I have never done this in my life, and I was up surfing on my third try. Awesome guys, keep it up!

Uday Tyagi

Awesome coach, awesome boat and driver, awesome day all around. We'll be back for more!

Christa Favot

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Sudbury ON, Canada


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